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美国科学工程公司American Science & Engineering Inc.(AS&E)(NASDAQ:ASEI)创立于1958年,总部位于美国马萨诸塞州Billerica,全职雇员311人,连同其附属公司在美国和国际上为国土安全、部队保护、公共安全部门提供X射线检测仪等检测产品的开发、制造、分销和销售。

更新:公司已于2016年被OSI Systems, Inc.以2.69亿收购,股票于2016年9月9日盘后退市。

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美国科学工程公司American Science & Engineering(ASEI)美股百科:

American Science and Engineering公司主要从事应用于国防及其他防御方面的X射线检查仪及其他检测产品的开发、制造和销售业务,产品广泛应用于:检查包裹(机场、海关、地铁站等)、行李、车辆、集装箱等,销售给全球各地如港口、边境保安、海关、军事基地、航空机场等机构。

过去50余年来,AS&E已经成为全球值得信赖的港口、边境、军事、高危设施以及关键基础设施的先进 X 射线技术供应商。无论您执行何种任务或处于世界何方,美国科学工程公司稳健的各种产品均可提供最佳的探测效果、灵活性和性能。

之所以得到顾客的青睐,是由于American Science and Engineering提供了多种配置的最先进探测技术——所有设计都旨在满足客户的现实世界操作要求。

借助高能、双能和获得专利的 Z Backscatter™  技术, AS&E系统帮助客户更简单、更快速和更有效地发现危险及隐蔽的威胁品和违禁品。

美国科学工程公司American Science & Engineering(ASEI)历史沿革(英文):

AS&E debuts the ZBV system, now the top-selling mobile X-ray inspection system in the world.

AS&E IPO, and listed on NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol ASEI.

AS&E introduces the first generation of OmniView Gantry inspection system and the SmartCheck personnel screening system.

The Z Portal multi-view screening system is released, and opens the market for drive-through vehicle screening; additionally, the first tunnel size in the Gemini line, Gemini 6040, is released.

AS&E celebrates its 50th anniversary as the Fortune Small Business “FSB 100” list ranks AS&E as one of the 100 fastest-growing small public companies in the U.S.

The ZBV system is the number one selling non-intrusive mobile inspection system on the market with over 400 ZBV systems sold to 85 customers in 46 countries. ZBV success stories continue to grow, from seizures of large quantities of drugs, to the detection of stowaways and bulk explosives in war zones.

Fortune Magazine names AS&E among its 100 Fastest-Growing companies list. AS&E is one of four Massachusetts based companies to make the list.

AS&E is voted by HS Today as one of the elite “Rising 10” Homeland Security companies. AS&E sells its 500th ZBV system.

AS&E introduced the MINI Z®, the world's first handheld Z Backscatter® imaging scanner for fast, portable, real-time detection of hidden organic threats, such as drugs, contraband, plastic guns, ceramic knives, and explosives.

The MINI Z® handheld Z Backscatter® screening system is named an ASIS Accolades Award winner and selected for the best in show, “Judge’s Choice” Award, from amongst all ASIS Accolades  winners.  The award recognizes the security industry’s most innovative new products.

The MINI Z® handheld Z Backscatter® Screening System is named “Best of What’s New for 2014” by Popular Science magazine. This prestigious award is given each year to revolutionary new products and technologies that solve a previously unsolved problem.

AS&E introduced the ZBV® with Tx-View™ dual-energy transmission option for its industry-leading line of Z Backscatter Van (ZBV) mobile cargo and vehicle screening systems. The Tx-View for ZBV provides enhanced detection of weapons and metallic components of vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) to complement the ZBV's proven Z Backscatter imaging.

AS&E introduced the next generation Z Portal® multi-view cargo and vehicle screening system. The new Z Portal systems incorporates AS&E's latest source and detector innovations in a more compact design, enabling improved image quality along with higher throughput, even in space-constrained locations.

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